Bully Buddies Rescue Society

In Memory of Those That Have Passed Away


Unfortunately not long after Blaze was adopted by Chris, Becca and their Bully Buddies alumni girl Cheyenne, his health (more specifically his spine) started to deteriorate.  We all thought this 11 year old gent would have a couple of well-loved years, but at-least he experienced a couple of very well-loved and pampered months.  Thank-you to Gianna and Steve for fostering him when he first left the shelter and Chris and Rebecca for choosing to love Blaze.

From Chris:
As you're probably aware, we have made the difficult decision to have Blaze put to sleep. We just got back home, and Becca put together this photo album that we want you to have to remember him by:


We all knew that this day was inevitable, but we're still sad that it had to come so quickly. We will always remember him as the loving "Southern gent." He always wanted to show his affection and we had no problem sharing it with him. Becca and I would also like to thank you again for being so helpful with everything you've done for us and Blaze. We appreciate you taking care of the cremation and vet fees, as well as just being there when we needed advice and guidance. Blaze will be in our hearts forever. Thank you all.

Lewis AKA Wilbur

Poor Wilbur had a rough start to life. He came to Bully Buddies with a horrible skin condition called Demodex Mange and had very little hair on his entire body. But in true bully style, he didn't notice nor care and was all about the love! We couldn't say enough good things about this guy, nor could his foster home. Full of zest and puppy rambunctiousness, and always looking to sneak in a cuddle or kiss whenever he could, you barely noticed his physical ailment and saw the darling baby he was. Wilbur was a big boy weighing in a whopping 28lbs at only three months old, and had personality plus!

What luck did sweet "little" Wilbur have when we received an email from a family in Maple Ridge who seemed to be the perfect fit! They were able to look past his exterior and see the sweetheart that was inside. We couldn't have been happier when Tamarah, Conrad and Troiana decided to make him a welcome addition to their home. He even had Scottie the pompoo  and Nihm the cat as playmates!

The time Wilbur was with us for was unforgettable, and our hearts go out to his family.
Thank you to Jenn and Al for fostering him while he grew into a strong, healthy young dog, and thank you to Tamarah and her family for giving him the best 6 years of his life he could have had.

Pixie Stix

First day in her new home.

Pixie Stix was adopted in 2007 as a wee pup, from a litter who had a really rough start to life.  unfortunately as she matured she began to develop issues that are not typical for the breed.  After four years of keeping her safe and filling her life with love, it was decided too lay Pixie to rest so that she no longer would have to be filled with so many worries. 

Thank-you to Meaghan for loving Pixie so much.

Gentle Abe

Abe when he was first taken in by Bully Buddies.

Abe came in as a stray to Chilliwack Animal Control and was fostered by big-hearted Michelle and Barry, who didn't like leaving senior in a shelter.  He was then adopted by Gloria, who has a wonderful soft spot for senior pitties.  Abe got to live out the rest of his days on acerage on Salt Spring Island... what an ideal place to live out ones days.

From his mom Gloria:

It has been over a week now since I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep. He was not with our little pack very long, just a year. When he came to us I thought that his back end and spinal troubles would do him in very shortly, but he started to thrive and grow stronger and he made those back legs work for him. This gave him a kind of floaty surreal gait, but he sure could keep up and never declined a walk through the woods. He graduated to a life jacket so he could motor around the pond. There were even moments when he attempted to engage in play. However his big long legs,  large head and weak legs would often find him toppling over. But he never was discouraged. He was a dog that loved everyone and everything. Always grateful for any love and warmth that would come his way. Rest in peace old man, you were a gentle old soul.
Gloria, Fergie and Victor.


Maisey and her brother Frankie ended up homeless following a divorce.  Luckily both Wendy and Chung, and Bobbi and Scott, stepped up to foster the lil munchkins and before long Angie was courting them all the way Calgary.... the best home we could ever dream of!  The duo even became therapy dogs... unfortunately Maisey has passed on, but she touched many lives in her two years with Angie.

From Angie:

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to the sweetest little girl ever! All Maisey wanted was for everyone to say "hi" to her & give her a pet, she would continuously smile & prance till she got your attention, making everyone one that met her fall in love. But alas a tough life had it's toll on her little body & it was not fair to allow her to be in continual pain for my selfish reasons!
She came along way from that very sick withdrawn little dog I picked up just about 2 years ago, and as she healed a true little Boston Terrier also emerged. I remember my delight when she finally "ran" in the backyard and beat Frankie to the ball! She came to enjoy going for walks knowing that the leash & collar would never hurt her again. Maisey flew through the PALS screening & adored the visits she did for the program! Winter in Alberta wasn't one of her favorite things about joining my family & she would want to wear a sweater unless of course it was warmer than +15!! Little Miss Maisey was a the smallest pure bundle of love, I am so honored to have had her, though it was for an unfairly short amount if time! Be restored my little girl and know that Momma Reba will look after you!!




Emma has walked off into the Rainbow Bridge, and her family remembers her well.. they left with this message for their beloved companion:

Hi guys,

I thought I would let you know that after being lucky enough to spend six and a half wonderful years with her, Emma passed away suddenly on Saturday morning. She came down with a case of bloat with accompanying stomach dilation, and though we rushed her to an emergency hospital, she died in our arms an hour later. We are without doubt the saddest we have ever been in our lives, our hearts are completely broken. She was the light of our lives, and we miss her more than we ever thought possible. She was a sunny, beautiful, slobbery ray of sunshine- truly the ideal dog, and a wonderful bully ambassador. She touched the lives of everyone who was lucky enough to meet her, and we can only be grateful for the time we got to spend with her. Thank you so much for uniting us with our best friend. Know that we gave her the best life we possibly could have, and she was loved every second of every day.

Dayna and Malcolm Wilson

Thank-you to Zoe for fostering Emma and Dayna and Malcolm for choosing her.


Torque back when he was first adopted by Shanon

Torque was adopted as a down-on-his-luck, middle-aged Pit Bull, staying the at the North Vancouver Animal Shelter, into the most amazing home we could have ever hoped for!  Shannon was a vet tech looking for a pooch to be her best dog pal and Torque fit the bill.  As time went on Torque developed back problems that Shannon helped him through, but then he was diagnosed with cancer.  Shannon was so dedicated to Torque that she fundraised for medical treatment in order to provide Torque with more quality time and fun adventures. 

Torque on his last camping trip

From his mom:

Hey guys.
Just letting you know that after a year and a half long battle with cancer we decided to put Torque to sleep today.  He brought more joy and laughter into my life than i could have imagined.  He truly was my best friend for nearly 4 years.  I attached a photo from our last trip together last weekend. 
Take care


Purdy originally came from Quesnel SPCA as a young pup who needed a chance to learn about love and the big world.  Thankfully, when she became stressed about living in the shelter environment, she was taken in by Amanda and Travis.  Bouncy, happy and hilarious, she kept their crew busy!  Purdy found the most wonderful of homes with Vince and Veronica, who were looking for an active dog to go on adventures with.  Purdy suddenly became very ill during a camping trip this summer, and despite trying so hard to find out what was causing Purdy to be so ill, no diagnosis or successful treatment could be found.  Purdy and her family only had a year and a bit together, and we can't help but all feel that that she was taken away far too soon.


Silver and his mom shared a great love!  From a disheveled East Van street urchin, Silver quickly fit into the lifestyle of a spoiled court-jester under Gloria excellent, loving care.  Already a senior when Gloria adopted him, Silver loved her Saltspring Island acreage, easy-living, yummy RAW food, and jaunts in the forest- what a lucky, lucky man!  They had many years together, and Silver lived to the ripe old age of 15! During this time Gloria has supported Bully Buddies in many ways, and has also welcomed Fergie, and more recently, Victor into her home.

Gloria remembering her funny lil man:
Silver was the best dog I ever had. He was a quirky, laughable clown whose antics were so humanly subtle that he made everyone giggle, just by looking at him. A senior previous dumpster diver in the east end of Vancouver who had been through some rough times,  effortlessly crossed over to being a squire of 10 rural acres. He had a body only a mother could love and a face of a movie star. Always alpha but done with diplomacy with just a stare to get the message across. Female dogs loved him at first sight and he seemed to know he was a chick magnet. He was my very best friend for 5 years before he crossed the rainbow bridge.  I know he had lots of females waiting for him. Goodbye my silverboy.....rest in peace.

With his ol`sister Lizzie, rest in peace

In the fields of Saltspring Island

Silver when he first came into care.


Beatrice had a far shorter time left in this world than any of us expected.  She was vibrant, loving and could make anyone fall in love with her.  So much so that when Pat met her at work, she instantly started to be wooed, and eventually agreed to foster her for the weekend while her foster folks were away.  Well a weekend turned into a week, turned into two, and then turned into forever.  She helped Pat transition into retirement and kept pat busy going out for walks, improving her general health.  We were so sad to hear that Beatrice had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Beatrice and her family had such a short time together, but even that little time brought so much love.

Humphrey Bogart

It is with sad typing to announce that Humphrey Bogart has passed away.

Humphrey,you will be missed dearly
Here is a sweet write up about adorable Humphrey courtesy of Raylee.


The ever charasmatic, Cheshire Cat smiling Bailey has gone on to bigger and better adventures.  With her buck toothed grin and pogo-style ways, she was adored by many.  It took Bailey 3 years to find her home, but for the 6 months she was with them Bailey was one spoiled girl.  She had the best of vetrinary care, a guinea pig whom she adored, wayyy too many dog beds, and two humans who doted upon her. She passed away how she would have wanted: eating hamburgers and getting massaged.  Bailey was one special little red-nosed, fire-cracker.  Thank-you to her long-term foster mom Zoe, those who short-term fostered along the way, and Nicole and Mike for choosing her.


We originally saw Alice listed as a stray on Abbotsford Animal Control`s website: a dirty, flea-infested, half-starved senior Pit Bull who was found dragging a broken rope behind her.  It eventually came out that Alice had spent the last year living tied up in a barn after a couple found her as a stray and decided to keep her, that is until she made her great escape.  Well she made her way into the care of Zoe and family, until she was adopted by Kati.  Alice spent the next 5 years of her life living in high-rise luxury, right off of Davie Street, and just a stroll away from beaches and the seawall.  She passed on at the ripe old age of 15.


We termed Yogi, ``Old Man Yogi`` way back when he first came into our care.  With his practically destroyed legs we gave him 6 months to live (back in June 2005!), but boy were we wrong.  Ever the one for perseverance, Yogi played with other dogs (ok mainly he was determined to hump every new dog!), climbed stairs and schmoozed with the best of them.  What was supposed to be his temporary foster home while we looked for other options, turned into his adoptive home for years to come (as in over 4 more years!).  We knew he was set for life when Grandma began having afternoon tea and biscuits with big-headed Yogi- what a sight for cheerful eyes.  A couple of years ago he even got to move with the entire family from the Lower Mainland to a big farm in the Kootenays, where he has now been laid to rest.  Thank-you to Sue and family for dedicating yourselves whole-heartedly to Old Man Yogi, he was so lucky to have found all of you.


Brutus will forever be famous for the picture above, caught mid-yawn and looking like a gargoyle.  However, what he will really be remembered for is how he managed to charm his mom to be, a person who considered herself scared of Pit Bulls, into loving him with all her might.  They got to spend three wonderful years together, sailing, strolling along the beach and assisting Brutus to partake in his favorite task of all- burying himself under a mound of blankets.  Brutus passed away in May 2009, due to kidney failure, at the age of 15 years old.  He may have been small, but he sure was mighty. 


Max (aka Mr. Moodles)

On Christmas Eve, we lost our beloved companion and best friend, Max (better known to many as Mr. Moodles).

We adopted Max a year and a half ago from the Surrey SPCA. Scared and emaciated from malnutrition, neglect and abuse, he peered at us from his kennel with his little black eyes. Although we knew he was already a senior and may only live a few months, we fell in love with our little man immediately and knew we had to bring him home to be part of our family.

In a matter of months, we plumped him up to a healthy weight and watched him grow into a loving and affectionate little critter. Always there to greet us with tail wags and enthusiasm, Mr. Moodles spent the last of his senior years content, warm and loved.

While we're heartbroken that we'll no longer feel his precious kisses, get to rub his back and hips, which he loved so much, or hear his little grunts, we take comfort in knowing that he passed away in our arms, knowing that he was safe and loved. I can’t even explain how much happiness and love our Moodley little man brought into our lives during his short time with us.

Mr. Moodles is deeply missed by his Mom and Dad and his four legged ‘sisters,’ Millie the lab and Lucy the tabby cat. This is the way we will forever remember him. Warm and cozy in front of the fire, surrounded by love.


Rest in peace dear boy. You had a great sense of humor and made your foster parent laugh so much!  He would spend hours "sitting pretty" just to keep the attention on what was important- him! Ernest was an utter character.

The Lovely Ella!

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ella. She put up a valiant fight but unfortunately, she was laid to rest in the arms of her adoring mom on Sunday. Right up until the last, she was out there working hard at being a breed ambassador, wooing the crowds at the craft fair only a week prior. Her time with us was short but full. She was spoiled rotten and spent her days swimming, eating baked goods from coffee shops (her favorite) and snuggling and kissing all she met. Her mom gave her the life that all dogs deserve. She will live on in our very happy memories of her, she truly was one in a million. Thank you all for your support with her initial fundraiser to help raise money for her vet bills, and now in her passing, thank you for your kind words and condolences.

And now, without further ado, Miss Ella:



Little Rhea hit the jackpot when she found her way into Sophie, Bryce, and their daughter Kiera's home.  They fully invested themselves in helping her become all she come be.  Rest in peace dear Rhea.


Venus was one of our all-time favorite dogs!  After bunking up with Zoe, she went to live in Alberta with Michelle, Travis, their Pit boy Tuff, cats and horses.  Unfortunately she developed pancreatic cancer. We are so grateful that she had a loving family that cherished her.


Marcus was just a young lad, but the unfortunate product of poor breeding and early socialization.  You were loved by your foster parents Amanda and Travis. RIP.








Etta James

Miss Etta was a lovely old gal with alot of soul who would sing her heart out to you. She will be greatly missed.


Tibbs was loved by many, especially his former foster mom Sandy and his current foster parents Dayna and Malcolm.  Your mind may have been going, but you had such a soul.


Rest well dear boy, you were loved.

Ava- the little gal with alot of heart

Ava was found as a stray puppy with a broken leg.  It was assumed that she had been hit by a car.  We started to worry when the muscle strength in her back end did not improve, and she kept on hobbling.  Despite these physical obstacles, Ava lived life with a huge grin. Her foster mom Zoe and Zoe's children adored Ava's ever optimistic, kissy outlook on life.  She was then diagnosed with luxating patellas, twisted tibias, hip dysplasia and an ACL tear.  It was likely these poor genetics that caused her leg to break in the first place.  We were waiting to hear from specialists in regards to surgical possibilities, when her front end gave out- it just couldn't take the strain of doing all the work for her back-end.  She is the picture of what happens when people breed for money, and do not take into account the well-being of the dogs they are breeding.  Her siblings are likely to face similar fates.  Please do not support Backyard Breeders.



Ginger was a young lady who was full of spark. She was loved by the shelter staff.


Beauty was a sweetheart who meant so well. Unfortunately a combination of a Backyard Breeder genetics, and a poor up-bringing stopped her from being the Pit Bull Ambassadog she so wanted to be.  Rest in Peace Beauty.


Nyxie's mom misses her dearly and wanted to say this to her girl:

Oh Nutty Noo... I hope if there is a doggy afterlife, it finds you rolling around in a big pile of tires and kongs. You taught me more than any dog I have ever handled and the knowledge I gained from you, helped me help other pups find their way in the world. You were an amazing gift to our family and I still can't believe you are gone, just a month shy of your fourteenth year. Even with all our struggles to get through your issues, I loved you more than you can imagine and I hope you knew that and I hope I did right by you in your eyes. Run free Nyx. You will never be forgotten.

Zoe, Raven and Daemon, our hearts go out to you right now.


Your silly antics and wiggling bum are missed greatly by your family.  RIP Missy and we know that you are free and frolicking right now.


Loki was adored by many, the long-time volunteers at the Burnaby and Vancouver SPCA branches; his original foster folks Kristen and Dan; and his adoptive family Dana and Vaughan.  Rest in peace dear boy.  We are sure that you are now surrounded by tennis balls and good cheer.

This is written by Loki's foster family--he holds a very special place in their hearts.

Loki, you were an amazing boy!! Full of life and excitement and a gentle, loving heart.  You were always there for us when we needed a snuggle or a face wash and you were the best oversized lap warmer around.  Though you were only with us for a short while until you found your amazing adoptive home, you will remain a part of our family forever.  Rest in peace my black beauty.  You will truly be missed and loved always. 
Kristen, Dan, Alexa and Sativah


Emily came into our care early in 2007.  She spent months in a foster home just waiting for the perfect family to come and adopt her.  Laid-back, mellow and goofy, Emily adored children and greeted all she met with a wagging tail and a woo-woo bark.  In July, she finally found the perfect home--it was an ideal match and she setled in there like she had been there her whole life.  Sadly, Emily passed away in early October in the arms of her new dad.  Although she was only with them a brief time, her family gave her the love and attention that we wish for all of our dogs.  To know the love of a family is something that all dogs should experience.  RIP Princess Emily, you are greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing you.


Lilly came to came to the shelter from a troubled past, that we are better off not knowing about.

But there was so much love in her despite the treatment that she may have received in her past. Lilly managed to wiggle-bum her way into the heart of one of the shelter staff. Not being able to bear the thought of her staying at the shelter during the strike this summer, he took her home with him. All his love and devotion to Lilly showed in the long way she had come to becoming a happy normal dog.
Lilly died suddenly on October 7, 2007. It is not known what the exact cause was but something went horribly wrong internally.
We did everything we could for her, and from the first day she came to the shelter.  You've never seen anything as cute as when Lilly saw Jason, Lilly repaid him for all that he had done for her with true uncondtional love. Thanks to Jason for loving her and fostering her.
Those were the best days of her life.
Lilly ?-Oct.7, 2007 Forever in our hearts and the amazing memories you left with us.
Last seen following Mu's scent, at a wiggle bum trot, toward the light


 You touched the hearts of all who met you and were an amazing foster sister to so many dogs.

You will forever be in our hearts and memories.


They say memories are golden

well maybe that is true.

I never wanted memories

I only wanted you.

I million times I needed you

a million times I cried.

If love alone could have saved you

you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,

in death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place

no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway

and heartache make a lane.

I'd walk the path to heaven

and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken

and nothing seems the same.

But as god calls us one by one

the chain will link again.

Author Unknown


Little Ling

Ling was a rescue Shar pei who managed to change her mom's mind about the breed as well as all who came across her path. She was an amazing ambassadog!  In her mom, Ling found not only an owner but a safe haven from her worries, a companion, and a partner in crime.  And of course all the love and devotion a dog could ever want. Sadly, Ling came down with Cushings syndrome. After a long battle, that Ling fought like a champ, it became her time to become one of our angels.  Her mom dedicated herself to caring for Ling and stayed with her until the moment she finally was at peace.  Our hearts go out to you at this time--Ling you were an amazing girl.

Mr. Beefy Mc'Otis

Rest in Peace Mr Beefy Mc'Otis.  You were much loved

Pip's pups

Pippi and puppies came from the Surrey SPCA.  Mom came in very poor shape, and gave birth to 12 puppies.  They contracted a bacterial infection from their mom and most did not survive despite valiant efforts from vet and their foster mom Maggie.  RIP little ones.

Laffy Taffy 





Jelly Bean



Hot Tamale


 Willy Wonka

Lil Tucker

This wee little gremlin had a rough go and has spent the last bit of her life in a foster home being treated like the princess she was.  She was originally surrendered to the shelter after her family of 7 years had a baby and then was adopted by a man who absolutely adored her, but was unable to keep her. Lil Tucker wanted nothing more in life than to curl up with her people and be adored.  Unfortunately, her quality of life was diminishing and she had to be put to sleep.   Lil Tucker--you are free from pain now! Run free and be the happy girl you always wanted to be!

Boo Bear

Boo Bear was helped over the bridge today. He came into our care last February. He was amazing boy who was adored by the entire neighborhood, but most of all by AJ his permanent foster mom. He would go on long hikes with her, she fed him lots of yummy food, and he slept under the covers with her every night. Also Emily, who faithfully walked Boo Bear several times a week, and provided Boo with so much more love.

Boo was abandoned in Hope, by his owners at the age of 14. Thanks to trina posting his dire need for rescue, and Joanne for temp. fostering him, he made it out alive, and into a home that knew how amazing Boo Bear was. Unfortunately his former owners never neutered him, and it was evident that he had cancer upon his arrival into care (which likely started as prostate cancer, but had spread to skin cancer, and tumours through-out his hardy big body). Despite this Boo LOVED life, and even went for 3 hour hikes on a regular basis. He was a total leaner in classic mastiffy style, and loved to rest his jowls on the nearest lap, staring at you with his big soulful, all-knowing eyes.


Poor Tyke was as poorly bred as they come.  He struggled with neurological issues, poor conformation, and aggression issues that are not tolerable in pit bulls.  All of his litter-mates have struggled with the same problem.  Rescued off a chain  at 6 months he never even had a shot.  Luckily a big-hearted couple, Liz and Joey, decided to take Tyke in and try to work with him.  He enjoyed so much cuddle time, play time, camping trips, annoying their two girl dogs, and everything else a dog deserves.  However we all realized he could not be kept safe from the world forever, and despite his happy times, he lived with so much fear. He was humanely put to sleep in the arms of all who adored him. 

Miss Lily

Miss Lily went from a poor pup in a cold backyard to a full-fledged pampered ambassadog.  Adopted to Molly, one of our superstar fosters, Lily bubbled over with her lovable nature and she greeted all beings, no matter the species, with a happy wag and bully smile.  Unfortunately, Lily was diagnosed with an agressive form of cancer at only 10 months old.  Super trooper that she was, she put up a valiant fight but in the end lost the battle.  From the moment she was adopted, Lily was treated the way a princess should be treated and in return gave her mom unconditional love, loyalty and companionship--all dogs should be this lucky. Good-bye Lily we will miss you. 




Zeussy was a sensitive soul who loved nothing more than to cuddle up in your lap.  He was a young fella who had not had a great life.  He loved to play fetch, and romp around with his boxer foster sister. Zeus passed away unexpectedly while in foster care.  Thank-you to his foster home for loviing him so much.



Piglet aka Peanut was one of the sweetest and most endearing dogs to ever land in Bully Buddies.  She has irressistable charm, and was an amazing ambassadog for both deaf dogs and Pit Bulls.  She loved life, and always had a grin plastered on her face.  She was taken away much too soon.  We will never forget you little wiggler.


Paisley was a banned puppy in Ontario due to the unfortunate implementation of a breed-ban. She was found at the tender age of 4 weeks old.  She was a feisty, kissy puppy who despite her short life, had a chance to see what love was.



Bardot passed away shortly after finding her forever home. This was written in memory of her, by an animal control officer who worked with Bardot, and loved her dearly.

Brigitte Bardot is who I named you after. The dedication she had to making the lives of animals better and her love for them was endless. The beauty you both possess obvious. I had hope that your passion for life, your beauty and her name would somehow protect you from the harsh world you had come to us so afraid of. You came to us so scared and fragile. With kind words and gentle touches you grew to trust and love us. We loved you and spoiled you as much as we could trying so hard to make our shelter a better place than whatever you had in the past. All we could do was not enough and you grew listless and pale in your kennel. You stopped eating and sat shivering and curled in a ball. You were ready to give up after so little time not trusting things would get better. We could not stand to see you like this and would not give up. You had stolen the hearts of all of us with your silly grunts and your whipping tail. You would spend hours everyday up in the office greeting everyone that came in with those piercing eyes. Yet, no one took you home. We filled Kong's full of treats, scattered toys galore and tucked you in each night when we could not be there to comfort you. This was no longer enough. What you needed was a home but there was none. You now enjoyed life too much and could not stand to be locked away at the end of the day. Once again life had become unfair to you. Then, she came along, we were so grateful! You were confused and unsure but you kissed us all and went on your way. She took you in to her already full home to foster you. She brought you back to life! We received regular reports, photos and you even came to visit us, how wonderful you looked again. You were happy there but could be happier still and she knew this. Your forever home was finally found and we were thrilled to hear that you were doing better than ever. With your broken past behind you and those you trusted and loved all around you you had trust once again in life. Tragically you were taken away during these happiest days in your new home. So many of us saddened beyond belief. We can surely take comfort knowing you finally knew you were loved. For the first time in your short life you were loved. For now and forever you always will be.


Joey was not with us long, but he deserves to be remembered.  This mastiff x bull terrier boy never stood much of a chance.  Owned by some people who should have never had a dog, he had already been in animal control 5 times by the age of 9 months, when his family chose not to claim him.  Unfortunately Joey was not a safe dog to re-home.  He is remembered for the boy he could have been had he had a fair start to life. 


Nitro was surrendered to the Burnaby SPCA.  Malnourished and mistreated, this poor boy was never given a chance at the good life and sadly had to be put to sleep.  RIP Nitro, although sad, we are glad you are free from pain now.