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In a time when bully breeds are continually discriminated against, nothing is more wonderful than seeing a homeless dog find their people.

All adopted!

Professor Harlan is a dapper and handsome three-year-old pit boy who was so lucky to find a great home!

Old man Tuco

Steve the pup

Sweet Dane 

You can read all about her on her hilarious and fabulous blog!: http://picklesisinapickle.wordpress.com/


DJ spent a long while looking for his perfect home and he sure found it!

Thurston the huge

Luna was so sick when she came in to our care we thought she was palliative, however she flourished and then was adopted by her foster fam



Sweet Dane 

Sweet Dane 


So Bella has been adopted for quite a while now, but we are way behind on happy ending updates and in the meantime Bellas family has put in so much hard work in order to keep Bella home for good through re-enforcing the peace between Bella and their original boy Dutch.... See Bella has decided that she is great when out for walks with Dutch, but sometimes this little Bull Terrier tries to get very bull-headed in the house.  A solution was found through working with a trainer and keeping Bella and Dutch primarily separated when within their home.  They are also helping Bella to manage her health issues, which for those who know older English Bull Terriers is definitely no small feat- did we mention that Bella is deaf, has occasional seizures and has needed a number of cancerous tumours removed?!?  Her people are truly STELLAR and we would love to clone them!  We are so thankful for their humans Gianna and Steve for going above and beyond for both dogs as thanks to them both Dutch and Bella continue to live very happy and loved lives!


Amber came into Bully Buddies walking on her two front legs because her back legs were seized up- two years later she is hiking mountains with her people, playing in the snow, and living a charmed life beyond our biggest hopes and expectations!

Amber came into the Surrey SPCA as a half-starved stray who was rushed to the emergency vets because she was in such bad shape.  She proved to have grit and rallied her strength, however her love for playing with toys belied that there was something wrong with her hind end as she stiffened right up after a play.  Soon she could barely walk and was facing euthanasia, but her charming temperament led to a call out for help and she made her way out of the shelter system and into the vets, where she was diagnosed with atrophied ACL tears and meniscus tears.  It was felt that she would benefit from ACL and meniscus surgery but her recovery was guarded due to her leg injuries being so old.  Thanks to Simone and Paul she found herself a long-term foster home that could care for her through both surgeries and soon she was impressing all with her rapid improvement.  She also proved herself to be great with animals big and small, and especially loved the bunny rabbits in her foster home!  As she healed we began to look for just the right adoptive home- one that would adore her as much as she would adore them, while also understanding that she may always have hind end issues.  Well Nicole and Hieu came along looking for a cat and apartment friendly mature Pit Bull who liked to cuddle!  They were up for Ambers potential special needs and we were all thrilled that she would have a permanent home of her own!  What we did not expect was all the amazing updates of Amber participating in activities we never thought would be possible for her- hiking, jumping after snowballs and going on adventures all over the place with her people!  

Thanks to Ambers ability to amaze us with her recovery, she has led the way for a number of other dogs with ACL and other leg issues to have the surgeries they need in order to have the chance to live as good of a life as Amber!


Bubbles was well known to Bully Buddies - he was adopted out as a one year old - and returned for a new home through no fault of his own.  Bubbles wasn’t the sort of dog who will finish your physics homework , or reorganize your kitchen cabinets, but he will go for a walk, hang out in the garden, and then crash on the couch with you to catch a few repeats of the Frasier.  At six years old he was an over-sized lovebug who had lived with babies, cats, and other dogs and in the house amazing manners, but needed his new people to continue to to work on his neighbourhood smarts as he would get all over-excited about out and about dogs if his new people were not confident leaders (aka Bubbles brain would indeed go a bit fizzy with all that hard work trying to think!)!  Enter Erin, Brian and their pit mix boy Rosco.  Rosco and Bubbles quickly became best buds and Rosco helped further solidify all those good leash manners that Bubbles learned in foster care!  Special thanks to Denise, Jim and co. for fostering Bubbles and teaching him all about letting the humans do the thinking job and Bubbles doing the following along and watching the humans job!

Maggie Moo!

When Jen and Terry contacted us about Maggie Moo we were all stoked because Jen's brother Mike was an awesome former adopter (Farley) who had sent us many update about his sweet lughead over the years.  Plus Maggie was happiest being the only animal in the home and Jen and Terry were a-ok with her being their one and only, as well as going to classes with her to asssist Maggie to keep on improving her dog-dog skills.  A meet and greet later and all were smitten!  

An update from her family:
Thanks for the email. Maggie Moo is absolutely the best. We couldn't be happier adopting her into our home, she has so much character (and a great smile). It took no time for her to bond with us and she quite enjoys the house and our neighbourhood, especially the bed when we're at work...she's also a maniac running around yards and open spaces. We love her (and she clearly loves people).

We've worked hard with Sarah and at home in helping her socialize more. In the short while we've had her, she's made leaps and bounds. She's close to walking perfect without her halti, and she even has a couple of dog friends. We're confident that she'll be happy to meet any dog here soon.

Bella Blue!

Bella came into as a freshly finished whelping "stray," whose finders made sure they took her pretty collar and leash with them.  We will never know for sure, but likely her finder's were her backyard breeders who chose to keep one of her pups instead of the now middle-aged Bella.  Pretty shameless in our books... sometimes you just have to believe in karma.  With a repeatedly bred mama dog's body, a sensitive stomach and dog-dog issues her adoption options were not looking very good.  Luckily Erin and Louvens agreed to foster her and through them we found Bella's strength- she was an awesomely chill house dog.  Now the hitch was to find her an only animal home who was searching for a laidback house dog like Bella.  Along came Lisa and Doug, who came to classes, got to know Bella's needs and decided to love Bella for who she was...  They could have found an easier dog, but Bella needed a family just like their's and we are so THRILLED for Bella!


Chase came to us from the Victoria Pound- a sweet, senior fella who was also deaf and needed a special family to love him and keep him safe.  He was fab with dogs and cats so we were so pleased when a multi-animal couple chose to add him to their pack.  
Chase has found his way into the most amazing home ever and we couldn't possibly be happier for him!!  Thank you so much to Brad and Marlene for adding Chase to their wonderful pack and for loving him for his quirky, dorky self! :)


Chloe came into Chilliwack Animal Control as a stray with a front right leg that had nerve damage and needed to be amputated.  Luckily long-term volunteer Jody stepped up to take Chloe in and was quickly charmed by Chloe`s fabulous demeanor.  Well Jody`s close friend and former room-mate Cori, who had helped co-foster many past foster dogs, had been pondering adopting the right dog of her own, came to town for a Bully Buddies fundraiser and fell in love with Chloe!  Lucky Chloe is now living on a large property on the Sunshine Coast and is even participating in Scent work classes!
I am in love!!!! She is incredibly affectionate and loves to lean in for lots of scratches and kisses and is quickly adapting to being the princess of the house, loves her dog beds, the couch and all of her toys. We live about a block from the beach and she loves running around and playing with all the neighborhood dogs. She has been fantastic with everyone she meets. I know that she can swim well because the other day she thought it would be a good idea to go out and say hi to a geese that was swimming around. The geese was not overly happy to see her and flew away and then Chloe happily swam back to shore where I was starting to take my shoes off because I thought I might have to in after her, she was going out a little too far for my liking. :) Her energy level has increased a bit and she does love to play as much as she can but settles quite easily. She will be going to daycare one day a week and we will be starting training classes as soon as the next session starts. I am so happy she found her way into my home.


Kaida was adopted from Bully Buddies as a puppy but at 3.5 years old ended up being returned due to no fault of her family separating and their home foreclosing.   Meanwhile over in Victoria Michelle, Scott, and baby William were looking to adopt an active kid, rabbit and ferret friendly dog- a tall order to fill but Kaida happened to have been raised in a multi-species home and was great with all kinds of small critters.  Thank-you Sophie, Bryce and co. for fostering Kaida until she made her way to Victoria!

Kaida has been the perfect addition to our family! She has adjusted so quickly and is so good with our 18 month old son and rabbit. We absolutely adore her!!


Ray had been looking to adopt the right Pit Bull for a while, when a plea came out for foster homes for several Pit Bulls residing at a shelter that was closing down.  Ray was taken by Cypress` photo and personality description and offered to foster this lucky boy!  Well fostering quickly turned to adopting as Cypress easily wiggled his way into Ray`s heart and proved his gentleness with Ray`s two cats.  We frequently get to run into this duo on Commercial Drive and are so thrilled to see how much Cypress has blossomed under Ray`s care: from scroungy, underfed and worry-wart prone street urchin, to a healthy and happy social butterfly! 


Maddie came in as a stray to Langley Animal Protection Society but it was obvious she had been someone`s cared for friend at some point because she knew a slew of commands and definitely fancies herself a princess.  This small, mixed breed gremlin was fab with people and cats, but needed continued work on her dog-dog interactions.  Her foster parents Michelle and Barry worked hard to improve her dog-dog skills while she awaited the right home.  Enter Tyler and pit-experienced Cara, whose main concern was adopting a dog who would do well with their cat Mikey.  Well since Maddie LOVES cats Michelle got to talking and the more they talked the more Maddie seemed like a good fit for their family.  They committed themselves to Maddie and we are SO thrilled with their dedication to this personality filled girl!  An update from Tyler: 
Just thought i'd let you know maddie is doing great. I was very happy today when i discovered she LOVES pulling me very fast on my skateboard, can't wait for more good weather.  she got sratched a bit protecting mikey from a racoon the other day but she is ok, the sounds from under the tree were pretty intense. she sais "i love you" when you say it to her a few times. one in about 10 tries sounds really close, she said it perfectly the other day, i havent been able to get it on tape yet. I will send it to you when i get it. her and the cat play together a bit and lick each other the odd time, they were laying together on a matt the other day. she was excelent around all the dogs we encountered today, but she was pretty tired from pulling me around like a sled dog. you should see the smile on her face when she hears me laughing when she's pulling me, she turns her head and cracks a huge smile. oh yeah, when she's happy if you say smile she makes a weird smiley face, but it looks a bit scary, she also gives hugs on command now but only if she is excited to see you or something. seperation anxiety seems to be gone completely. i'm going to buy her a harness for skateboarding now.

Unfortunately Maddie`s buddy Mikey has passed away, after which Maddie became quite sad and lonely.  The family has since adopted a kitten whom Maddie has reportedly taken very maternal roll with (see above photo).


Manchos came in as a stray to Abbotsford Animal Control not long before the shelter was about to close down (the photo above is him trying to worm his way out of the shelter by showing off his love of connecting with people).  He was small, soft, well-behaved, had obviously had been someone`s loved companion and was not appreciating the cold winter weather!  Luckily Sophie, Bryce and family stepped into foster Manchos while he awaited a home of his own.  He has since found that home of his own with Tania, Mark, 5 year old Breanna and their chihuahua mix female!  They needed a kid and small dog friendly pooch and he needed a family to be adored by.


Every dog deserves his happy ending, unfortunately Blaze passed away before we got his happy tail up, however we are so grateful he had a couple of well-loved months as he was originally going to be euthanized when his Dad of nine years had to give him up to a shelter due to loosing his home and not having the money to pay for Blaze`s vet care (he needed some rotten old man teeth out).  We got him to our vet and put out a plea for a last minute foster home which thankfully Steve and Gianna responded to.  Enter Chris and Rebecca, who had been hoping to adopt old lady Bella but Bella and their BB alumni girl Cheyenne did not see eye-to-eye on this matter, enquired as to whether Blaze might be their fit.  With Blaze`s old time easy-going charm that reminded us all of a sitting on a Southern Gent and great dog-dog skills, we all agreed that he might just the right fit for their family.  Indeed Blaze made himself right at home, with Cheyenne and Blaze also approving of each other... we were all thrilled for Blaze when we got these first updates from Rebecca and Chris as all Blaze seemed to want was a couple of couches to choose between and some stable loving, and that was exactly what he found for the last couple of months of his life.

I think Blaze is feeling pretty settled. Neither Chris nor I have noticed any barking as we leave or come back to the house, and our tenants say they haven't heard anything either. Chey seems to think he's a pretty OK roommate. They haven't had any disagreements and even lie on the couch together sometimes! She refuses to accept that he's probably not going to wrestle with her though so spends a lot of time bouncing around him in a circle of play bows. He also met our tenants' two cockapoos last night and great with them too. 

I don't think Chey's kibble is agreeing with his digestive system and he has started chewing his back foot a bit in the past couple of days, so we're going to start switching over to a new kind tonight- it's Natural Balance sweet potato & venison which is grain-free and seems to be a popular choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Other than that, things are going really well! I'm just glad we have two couches otherwise Chris & I would probably be sitting on the floor a lot.

We don't want him to go anywhere and he seems to find living here at least tolerable, but hopefully enjoyable. We had some people over on Saturday night and he managed to sit on (crush??) everyone's lap at least once and ended the evening asleep on the floor with our friend Mike- very funny!!  We've also decided that if he spoke English, he would probably have a Southern accent. Anyway, we're enjoying having him here very much.


Molly`s adopted home went through some life changes and found themselves in a place where continuing to care for Molly was difficult.  Thankfully they had trained her well while she was with them and she was no longer the nervous under-socialized dog she had been when they adopted her.  They were also able to care for her while she searched for her home.  

Meanwhile in North Vancouver Chris and Carmen and their 3 children were hoping to find just the right dog to adopt into their home after their beloved bernese mountain dog passed away. The two families talked and all really seemed like a solid fit for Molly so her family brought her over to meet her hopeful home and Molly did indeed find her match without having to come back into foster care.  Nobody else wants a returned rescue dog but in this situation atleast the transition was made with as little stress as possible for Molly.


Chuck was another big personality terrier from Chilliwack Animal Control who needed some dog-dog work as he enjoyed tantruming at passing dogs, and he was finding shelter life stressful.  Well Chuck entered foster care and quickly made it is obvious that whomever cared for him before invested lots of time and love into him. Chuck knew a zillion commands and was one heck of a fun dog: sit, lie down, play dead, roll-over, dance, sit pretty, shake-a-paw, fetch, go lie down, up/down, spin in circles, and probably some his foster home (me!) hasn't figured out yet! A typical jack, Chuck also fancied himself an excellent ratter which was great except that his eye for rats would have him digging under fences in two seconds flat!   

So Chuck needed to find a home that really appreciated smart terriers and had a safe way to get his energy out.  Enter Kristen and Ryan, who had just moved into a new townhome, were active joggers and were hoping for the right adult terrier with attitude type to join their home! When Chuck joined in on the homevisit he officially approved of all the stairs in his new home- perfect for ridiculous games of up and down the stairs fetch!  

Edward the Wizard and Frederick the Entertainer

In October 2010 we took in Edward the Wizard from Chilliwack Animal Control as he was having a hard time finding a terrier loving home that could work with his too big for his britches attitude towards other dogs.  While in foster care he learned about co-living with dogs and meeting new dogs more politely.  Being a unbelievably cute and smart fella he received quite a bit of interest, but not everyone was ready for working with his terrier sass.  Enter Karin and Alex, who were looking for a condo friendly, moderately active dog to join their home.  Well Freddie was not exactly what they had in mind at first, however Freddie managed to not only join their home but thrive!  Plus, as evidenced by the first update below, Karin and Alex had the cutting sense of humour it sometimes takes to love a mighty in his own mind terrier!

It's been an interesting week, but Eddie has definitely settled in.
After destroying a pair of shoes, and chewing the side of our leather couch, I decided to go out and get Eddie a crate. We crate him at night and when we are out. He has definitely learned who is boss and his behavior is much better. I let him out of the crate this morning to stay in the living room until I get back from work. We will see how he does with a little bit of freedom.
He went to the groomer on Saturday and they said he was so well behaved. When I picked him up from the vet last week he was shaggy and smelt a little like vomit (he had been sick at the vet). When the cone came off on Saturday, we went straight to the groomer. He has a new found confidence with his new haircut and bath and he looks and smells great :)
We had a few people over this weekend and he was amazing, no grumbles whatsoever. 
He does still bark at other dogs, but we are working on that, and will be stating some obedience classes in January. 
All in all I think its going well. He definitely knows I am Mom and tends to follow me around.
We love the little a**hole :)

Fast forward 7 months and a visit to Chilliwack Animal Control lands us with another terrier fella who minus being blond and white instead of grey and white, bared an uncanny resemblance to Eddie, so much so that Michelle and Barry from Bully Buddies aptly name in Frederick the Explorer.  Although they had oddly similar weirdo mixy bodies, Freddie`s attitude was thankfully not quite as ahem `large` as Eddie`s originally was.  

Michelle was planning to email Karin and Alex about Eddie`s possible brother when low and behold we received this email from them first:

I see that bully buddies has found Eddie's long lost brother and I would LOVE for them to meet. I didn't think it was possible to have such a mish mash of a dog, but let alone to have TWO of them. I think it could be fate.
Eddie is doing well, and his manners have improved tremendously will some dog classes and some time with our dog walker who introduced Eddie to a lot of new friends. He's still a terrier and will get the occasional shoe, or leave the occasional surprise for you, but we love him and couldn't imagine our family without him. I've attached a recent photo.....happiest dog in the world!
Let me know if we could set up a "play date" at some point.

Well as you can imagine Freddie and Eddie instantly hit it off and played together non-stop for an hour and a half: on top of that Karin and Alex fell in love with Freddie too.  So this is how a couple who were looking to adopt a short-haired bully breed kind of dog wind up being parents to two wiry terriers with long bodies, short legs and huge under-bites.  Perhaps Eddie really is a wizard after-all as how else can one explain such a cunning stunt!

A picture of foster mom Michelle trying to get a picture of the duo when Eddie came over to see if he approved of Freddie:


Josie came to us as a 4 month old pup who came to us from LAPS because she had some catching up to do around meeting and playing with other dogs.  Luckily she was a quick study and soon was sporting some solid dog-dog skills, learning all about the joys of playing with other dogs.  Now all she needed was a home- enter Dane and Briana an active couple who loved the breed and were looking for the right match to join their home.  Here is their first update:

Hey, things are going great!

Josie is an amazing dog. So well mannered. We've spent the weekend
working with her on the leash and teaching her not to jump up on new
people. We also tested her crate skills and she's very well behaved in

I think we need to get her some different food because she is quite
gassy. Right now were using the Merrick-whole earth foods puppy
formula that Jody passed on to us. Any other suggestions?

We also wanted to ask about which vet Josie went for her spay... And
if there's a trainer/class you would recommend ?

Let us know, and thanks for your help in finding us our new lil friend!

Dane & Briana

Louie then Casey and now Angus

Angus came into Bully Buddies after being surrendered to a dog daycare that was connected to the dog rescue community.  Our admin Wendy was wooed by his droopy, big Italian Mastiff mug and agreed to take him in.  Once in foster care he proved himself to have a really solid temperament for an Italian Mastiff, but as is typical of the breed he needed a home who provided him with loving leadership and would keep him responsibly on-leash.  Although Angus received quite a bit of interest, not many homes were prepared for the responsibility that comes with owning a guardian breed dog.  Six month later we received an application from Chris, Ashley, and their 12 year old Rottweiller x Irish Wolfhound Chopper. They obviously liked big dogs, were used to caring for a protective dog who needed responsible owners and did the work to convince Wendy that they were Casey`s people- including multiple meet and greets and fixing up their fence.  So seven months after enterring foster care Casey found a home of his own.  Thank-you to Wendy, Chung and dogs for caring for this handsome fella for so long and to Chris and Ashley for putting in the time and work to ensure that Angus would be that match.
Also check out the awesome environmentally friendly bags his mom makes!   http://www.pintobags.ca


When big-hearted former adopters Pamela and Kevin found a brindle pit girl tied up to a post in the boonies with no food or water they took her home, put up signs and tried to find her home.  When no owner appeared they decided that they could care for her until she found a home of her own- how lucky was Tiger-Lily to happen to have this pit loving family happen upon her!  They patiently fostered her while she looked for an adoptive home, including waiting out a heat cycle!  Lil sported good house manners, was great with their child, dog Wesley, and cats, but like many not so flashy brindle Pit Bulls she was passed over for flashier dogs despite her great temperament.  Turns out she was waiting for just the right family- Justin and Nicky are police officers in Victoria who were hoping for just the right breed ambassador Pit Bull who could happily live with their 13 year old cat Vinnie... we all crossed our fingers that they would be a match and sure enough Tiger-Lily got to become their brindle Pit Bull ambassadog and loved family member! Thank-you to all who helped this lil stray along the way!

Billie now Bailey

Billie came from the North Caribou SPCA (thank-you for those who helped transport her down!) and fostered by Courtenay (who did an amazing job working her brain, which you can read a bit about at  http://www.pittiebillie.blogspot.com/ ).  She sparked the interest of Adam, who was referred to our site by a friend who had recently adopted Zeus from us.  After talking back and forth with Courtenay he decided that Billie now Bailey was the one and he accepted the firey-red head for all she is!  We`re so happy that this smarty pants found a great home to call her own!

Budgie aka Pudgie

Budgie was sponsored by Lisa in honour of her partner Lori's birthday!!!  Thank-you so much for continuing to support Bully Buddies.

We first heard about Pudgey's plea when a concerned neighbour begged for help for this severely neglected girl who was living in a rat infested shed and had open skin wounds.  The neighbour had taken to feeding her, getting her wounds treated, and convinced her quasi owners that she needed better.  She ended up landing in the SPCA and then into foster care with the new name of Budgie the Burrito.  Upon meeting her we realized she was not so much a Pit Bull as likely an Olde English Bulldog... she snorted, she loved and she had a weird limp.  A vet check later and we found out she had pins in her leg and had previously had expensive surgery for a badly broken leg.  Although we will never know Budgie's full story our guess is that she was once a breeding dog and likely a decently cared for one- she certainly had the kind of training and surgery that doesn't go along with her recent backyard existence.  Thankfully it didn't take long for Budgie's luck to improve and a wonderful couple to express interest in her!  Budgie now lives on Jim and Anne-Marie`s large property with their huge 8 year old male American Bulldog, horses, and formerly stray barn cats who knew a good thing when they found it and chose to stay!  Thank-you to Charly and Gavin for fostering her and Jim and Anne-Marie for providing her with such a loving home.

Here is one of their initial updates:

Thought that you should know that Budgie ( Pudgie), which she come to when I call her is doing great both in the house and barn and been real good around the horses. Mine you we keep a close eye on her when around the herd.
She loves to sit beside us and watch TV or just sleep. She has found her forever home.
We will be keeping her, as she won't let us go.  
Hope to see you soon to finalize this adoption
thanks for such a sweet heart.
Jim & Anne-Marie