Bully Buddies Rescue Society

Happy Tails

In a time when bull breeds are continually discriminated against, nothing is more wonderful than seeing a homeless dog find their people.


Waffles was found as a stray puppy and adopted by his foster family.  Unfortunately due to family issues he was returned to us.  After a string of little luck Waffles basically found the most awesome family ever.  After all the changes he had been through he fell apart when he moved yet again, but his family stuck to him, invested in training and helped Waffles become all he could be.  He gets to live with a fab family, two kids and a resident cat whom he has much respect for.  Best of all his older foster family still gets to see him on occasion!  Thank-you to Meredith, Paul, Mateya and Chloe for loving Waffles s much.

I just wanted to send you some pics and let you know how Waffles is doing.  He is fantastic!  Still working on the dog greetings while on leash, but he just makes me so happy!!!  We all love him to bits and have been taking him swimming and hiking.  He is doing really well on the raw food and we recently started him on Recovery to help his hips.  He graduated from training but we are going to keep going back to help him with the leash dog greetings and hopefully start going on the trail walks early in the day on Sundays.  If you are ever in town and want to see him, just let us know.

He is just the absolute perfect addition to our family!  He has this cute routine with me.  He climbs into bed with me no later than 5am and we have a good 2 hour snuggle together, sometimes he tries to get in earlier for a bit but always listens when I need him to leave so that I can break free from being sandwiched in.  I just love this part of my day!  What a way to wake up.

Taz now Earle

This little staffy bull came into care and quickly proved himself to be fabulous with dogs, cats, and the 3 month old baby in his foster home!  Taz reiterated why these dogs were known as nanny dogs back in the day.  When long-time Staffordshire Bull Terrier lover Robin emailed us from Washington we knew that Taz now Earle had found his home.  See his first update below- as you can see by the photo he was more than pleased to become a bed dog!

Now that Iíve had the fabulous, beyond all dreams perfect Taz-Earle for 3 Ĺ weeks, I thought Iíd send another update and some photos.

He is perfect in every way! I love that little tank-dog beyond all measure. I think heís finally settled in and feeling at home because heís expressing himself more fully now. Heís also stopped laying his head on Finís blanket at night and now just cuddles right next to me. And can I just say that his ever so not subtle ďlean on you, soft slow roll rollover to expose his belly for a belly rubĒ move is right up there with the squinty eyes as beyond cute and wonderful?! He loves, loves, loves playing with his toys, but Iím still struggling to find anything thatíll last more than a week (and thatís limiting the toys to when Iím playing with him!). A favorite game is fetch the carrot piece. Itís fetch and hide and seek all in one and the ďtoyĒ is supposed to be eaten so itís a win/win for as long as his daily carrot allotment lasts. And what that boy will do to a vacuum if you donít lock him in the bathroom! Actually, Iíve been leaving him in the bathroom with his doggy bed while Iím at work as he settles in because he doesnít seem to mind (goes in happily and waits patiently with tail wagging when I get home) and heís good at finding mischief that could hurt him if Iím not home. (Made the mistake of having the toaster too close to the counterís edge and he pulled it down on himself. Poor little guy. His height challenge makes the allure of the counters even more irresistible.)

Everyone who has met him loves him. Now that heís settling in, Iím hoping to introduce him to more people (have limited it to one or two people at a time for now).

I donít even want to think what would have happened to him if you hadnít rescued him. What a wonderful, wonderful thing yíall have done!


Angel was super stressed out at Vancovuer Animal Control, inflaming her allergies, so they asked if we might have space.  Luckily Erin and Louvens were able to take her in and her stress levels calmed down as soon as she settled into a home- apparently she was very used to being a loved house dog.  Lori and her two teen children were looking for an adult cat and dog social Pit Bull to join their family and Angel was all of the above!  She is now living a well-loved life in North Vancouver and as you can see below, the cat and her settled in just fine.


Macy was adopted from Bully Buddies as a pup, but unfortunately got returned to us when kids and moving got added to the family mix.  Thankfully great foster mom Jody had space to take her in and Macy settled in quickly.  When Katherine and Brian applied for Macy we were all crossing our fingers that they would be her max.  They had tragically lost their Pit Bull girl when she was under-going knee surgery and were looking for a cat-friendly breed ambassador to join their Sunshine Coast home.  Here is an update from her family:

Hi Jody,
Just a quick email to let you know - Macy is doing great! She is such a fantastic dog, and is fitting in perfectly. She went yesterday for a visit at the vet (I always like to do vet visits on a positive note with treats etc before needing to go for shots etc) and met all the girls there, she was just the perfect guest, winning them all over with her sweet demeanor. We feel very fortunate to have been able to adopt Macy, thanks so much for providing a great foster home for her until we came along :)
If you and Cooper are ever up on the Sunshine Coast we'd love to get together for a 'playdate', just let me know.

Saxon and Hobbs

Saxon and Hobbs came from Vancouver Animal Control together and both found wonderful Vancouver Island homes! Saxon was adopted to Greg and Jane, two time former adopts (Grinder and Sadie) and we are so thrilled he found such a committed and loving home!  Meanwhile Hobbs found himself in an equally fabulous home complete with kid pals!  Thanks to Densie and Jim for fostering this duo and linking them up with their great homes.