Bully Buddies Rescue Society

Donations are what keep Bully Buddies afloat!

Feel like you want to help out, but are too busy to volunteer?  Both financial and in-kind donations are much appreciated.  Bully Buddies is a not for profit volunteer run group.  Financial donations help cover the vet needs of the dogs in our care, while in-kind donations help cover their other physical needs (including the oh so important need for squeeky toys!).


Financial Donations:

 Can be sent to Central City Animal Hospital in Care of Bully Buddies.  Just contact them at 604-522-3344

We also have a Paypal account!

Once you log onto Paypal you can send a donation directly to bullybuddies@gmail.com

Email us for more info at bullybuddies@gmail.com


In-Kind Donations: 

We can use all sorts of dog supplies from dishes, to dog kennels, to toys, to dog food and treats.

We also collect all sorts of items for upcoming raffle sales fundraisers

All donations over $20 receive a tax receipt.