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Courtesy Listings

These dogs are not in Bully Buddies' care, but in other shelters/rescues awaiting homes.Please note that Bully Buddies does not temperament assess courtesy posted dogs.


Gertrude is a soulful pit bull looking to be someone's shadow. This loyal 10 year old beauty enjoys car rides, jumping over logs, and chasing birds. This girl is a super easy house dog and would be fit for tea with the Queen. Gertrude is looking to be the only princess to her castle, but may be able to go to a home with a easy going male. Gertrude enjoys to play with most dogs but struggles sharing her people and things in a home. Gertrude is looking for her home to be cat free. This girl has so much to offer she is so loyal and affectionate please give her the chance of a forever home. To meet Gertrude please call the Langley Animal shelter today 604-857-5055.


We believe Bobo is a mastiff mix.  He is roughly 10 years old and came to SAINTS because his owner was no longer able to care for him.  Bobo definitely lives up to his name it defines his personality completely.  Being a Bobo, it took Bobo a bit to figure out where he belonged and what dogs he was comfortably living with at SAINTS but he did it.  Because Bobo has plenty of life in him, SAINTS believes that he would be better off living with his own family rather than in a palliative care facility.  Bobo can be reactive to other reactive dogs and prefers the company of older dogs over youngsters.  The person/family who would best suit Bobo would be one that can understand and accept that Bobo is good with some dogs and not so good with others.  So the family must be looking for a dog that is good with their family not a dog who is a social butterfly with his own kind.  The family/person must also be good with letting Bobo know when he is acting inappropriately in a positive manner as Bobo does have a strong personality.    We would guess that Bobo would suit a home that has a lot of dog experience rather than a first time dog home.   If you are interested in learning more about our goofy, strong minded boy, please contact adopt@saintsrescue.ca .  Bobo would be very appreciative.

Molly Moo

Molly is a 3 year old female staffordshire terrier cross pitbull. She has been spayed and has all her shots. She's very small for her breed at only 45-50lbs.
I've had her for a couple years and shes been a great companion, especially when you need a little buddy around the house.  Anyone whose met her thinks she's such a sweetheart. Well trained, and a good listener she loves to please but like most dogs needs support in some areas. I would say shes a mid-high energy dog but is more then happy to stay inside on rainy days for a snuggle or long nap. So far she has shown to work best with other dogs one on one, as that is all she has known although she is still young and eager to please. 
I think Molly would be best for a single person or a grounded couple that want a great companion.
I love Molly dearly and want nothing more then to find her a safe loving forever home. 

 If you are interested in finding out more about Molly please e-mail Christine at christineverpy1@gmail.com or call

Please note that Bully Buddies does not temperament assess courtesy posted dogs.