Bully Buddies Rescue Society

Happy Tails

In a time when bully breeds are continually discriminated against, nothing is more wonderful than seeing a homeless dog find their people.

Pretty little Prada

Prada is one of those dogs who received a million applications, but no matches until Jill's application came along. 
Here is what her wonderful foster mom Jody had to say when she dropped Prada off at her new home:

"Prada has officially left the building.
She is going to love it at Jill's, we let her into the yard to explore and a squirrel ran across the top of the fence. She then spent the rest of my time there running between the back patio door to the front window, checking out all the new sights. I wish my backyard was that big, there is plenty of room to run and play. And Jill was fine with Prada running across the back of her expensive leather couches, she'll likely move it and put a more dog friendly one in the the front window as I think that will be Prada's favorite sport.

Prada is going to be one well-loved pooch! I told her to send pictures! Another happy ending for an Ontario dog, yippee!
Cheers, Jody."


Thank you to Tara for fostering our Rocky! And his last weigh in, he was down to 105lbs! Way to go!

Update from his new mom, a long-time Dobie-lover:

"Hello Ladies!
      Thank you so much for such an amazing boy. He is everything you said and more. He listens so well, and seems to want to please. He loves investigating everything around here, and is getting along fine with Kitty ( my Jack). tho she tells him off when he gets pushy. 
      Only had one little bit of bother on the way home, when he decided he wanted to get in the front seat. He thought nothing of climbing over the seats, and moving around. A little scary on the freeway.
      Look forward to hearing from you
     Cally and Rocky"

The Jakester, aka Jokester.

Jake was adopted from the North Vancouver Animal Shelter as a puppy, but unfortunately came back to the shelter a year later due to his Dad becoming very sick.  Unfortunately the hard shelter floors brought out another issue, Jake began to limp, and a few x-rays later he was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in one hip, as well as luxating patellas.  Jake was set to be euthanized due to his over-whelming health issues, so he came home with Sam for a couple of spoiled days before he was put to sleep.  Luckily Jake is a charmer and her spent the night spooning Sam and acting like an utter sweetheart, leaving them searching for feasible surgery options in the wee hours of the morning... and this begins the story of how Jake became a Bully Buddies dog.  

So a secondary vet opinion led to the confirmed possibility of femur-head removal surgery for his bad hip- a much more financially feasible option.  Simone and co. (thank-you!) stepped up to foster him post-surgery and he then eventually headed to Shanon and Liam's for long-term fostering (thank-you!!!).  Unfortunately Jake began to exhibit some on-leash dog-reactivity, which did not assist in his adopt-ability!  He also spent foster time at Tasha and Bryan's (also thank-you!!!), when we started chatting with Dan.  He was dog-savvy and looking for a best-buddy to share his life with.  The more we chatted with Dan the more we hoped that Jake may have found his fit.  Sure enough, Dan and Jake instantly took to each other and this match is perhaps one of the happiest we have ever had!  Jake gets to spend his days making friends at Dan's work, which Jake excels at!  We all got a little teary-eyed when Dan updated that Jake was just the dog he wanted and the home Jake needed.  Thank-you to the whole community of folks who stepped up to help out Jake through fostering, fundraising and loving him along the way... we are so thrilled he got a chance to live and be loved.


Moogie came into Little Paws Rescue a very, very sick dog with severe pyrometra.  Emergency surgery later Moogie pulled through, however with pulling through the rescue also came to realize that she was a piranha with other dogs.  She didn't just dislike other animals, she would loose her marbles and turn into a little she-devil!  Little Paws didn't have a foster home equipped to handle an animal-aggressive little gremlin and Sam thought Moogie would be a hilarious little challenge, so she came into foster care with BB's.  Sure enough Moogie was a hilarious and awesome catch for the right home, but if she had it her way other animals (beside humans) would not exist.  So Moogie needed a home where she would get to be the one and only.  Along came Rob and Shannon, who were looking for just the right little match for their home and didn't mind that Moogie needed to be the only animal as this would prevent them from ending up with a houseful of creatures!  Moogie met them, wooed them, and showed off all her funny little frog moves, she also gave two paws up for their Moogie-proof yard!  Thank-you Rob and Shannon for loving Moogie for exactly who she is!


Jasper came into Abbotsford Animal Control with another older pup who we believe is his sister.  His sister got adopted, leaving Jasper behind and in badly in need of learning about the world.  Luckily former adopters Jason and Sara took on the challenge to foster jasper and teach him all the basics, such as house-training!  Once they had the basics down, they also did a great job getting their friend Brad to fall in love with Jasper, making our job very, very easy!


Dakota is a little quirky Pit Bull who lived a rough life and then spent 6 months at New West Animal Control, until she got lucky and found foster-home suckers Erin and Ben, who agreed to take the little gremlin home.  With a firey personality, a love of creature comforts and strong opinions, Dakota got even luckier in finding Pit-savvy adopters Loretta, Greg and their two adult children.  Dakota especially fancies their wood stove and all of the hard work they have put into her long-neglected health (especially her poor ears!).  Dakota really finally hit the jackpot and we are so, so thrilled for her.

An update from Dakota's beloved family:

"We are sooo happy with Dakota and she has quickly become one of the family. She has settled in well. She gets lots of exercise, although Rae has not taken her running yet but in nicer weather she will. Dakota has learned a new trick. We shoot her with our finger and she plays dead, of course the little tail is still wagging a mile a minute. She gets her ears cleaned every day. Dakota doesn't mind if it is done a certain way. She has another chair in the lovwer part of the house but she really loves this silly red one. She has a fuzzy fake fur blanket she just loves to be wrapped up in at night.
We just love her. She is such a little sweet heart and has the best little personality on her. I am sure she is what cartoons are made of.
Thanks again and will send a few pics. periodically."


Mustard is a sweet, goofy dork-ball who now lives with Earl, Elliott, a chihuahua sister and a cat brother!

From his new parents:

"Just thought you might want some updated Mustard pics; these are from late summer/early fall this year. He's super duper lovely - really friendly, sweet, and all around awesome, so.. thank you!!!!"

"I saw on the BIN site that Lincoln's owner was asking about their parentage - me & Elliot wonder about that too, and have kind of settled on boxer/pit cross for Mustard, maybe? He's got a cute under-bite, and similar white markings to Boxers, plus the lankiness...
Thanks again for such a lovely pup!!

Desmond, formerly Ozone/Ozzie.

Ben & Liselotte are the proud parents of Ozone/Ozzie... now Desmond!


Zeus came from a rural animal control shelter after wandering around one too many times, and luckily Jody agreed to foster him.  Zeus ended up even more lucky in finding his dad Craig, who has stuck by him through some dog-dog issues and a lingering leg issue.
Thank-you for being such a wonderful and dedicated parent to Zeus Craig!

Ila now Ella-Louise!

We met Ella-Louise at Surrey SPCA when she was dealing with skin issues and so chunky she could barely get herself around.  Despite her discomfort, her zest for life shone through and she has since continued to charm the pants off anyone and everyone she has met, including her foster parents Bobbi, Scott, French Bulldog Truman and two resident cats, who all quickly realized that she was home for good.  Ella is so amazing that she garnered her Canine-Good Citizen Certificate just a couple of months post adoption. 
Thank-you to Bobbi and Scott for being so dedicated to her, trimming her down to a muscley little love (20 lbs leaner thanks to walks, playing and swimming!), helping her through ACL surgery and now preparing for possible further surgery for her wobbly legs. 


Lucky Lincoln was adopted by his foster family, Kendra, Brian and their lovely Pit Bull girl. This is what they had to say when they were fostering Lincoln.. even before he stole their hearts and made himself a permanent member:

"He is like the best dog ever, practically house trained. He loves Meeka, and is totally cool with our cat (interested and would like to play but doesnt storm up to her and gives her space). He has probably made Meeka loose a pound or two cause they just play for hours in the yard until they are so tired that they are just rolling around together."

"He is horrible on a leash, haha.. even though the notes said he wasn't bad, haha, yeah right! We did get the food which he loves. Funny story... so we lock open bags of food in our laundry room knowing all our animals are pigs and will go eat out of the bag... so it's super hot and that room is always cold so 'someone' opened the door to let cool air in, not thinking ... well, needless to say I don't think Lincoln will need to eat for like 2 days. So now the bag has to be locked away in a spare bathroom so he can't find it. But other then that he is doing great! Not going to lie I totally don't mind him staying here as long as he can!"


Happy tails for Lulu who came to us from the Haida Gwai SPCA after showing up stray with a pup in tow. Thank-you to Shayne, then Michelle and Barry for fostering her, then Nancy for choosing her. Here is a photo of Lulu with her new dog brother, Onion!

This is what her new family has to say about living with her:

"Okay, I have to say that she is perfect. We are practicing off leash and she's doing amazingly. She is super smart and perceptive (which is what I love about the pit bull). She is the sweetest lady and so good in both city and country settings. Her recall is amazing and her ability to learn new things is earnest. We are having fun doing inner city agility exercises and leash skills. WOW. What a great and beautiful dog.
Thanks, Nancy.

Buffy, formerly Lucy!

Thank-you to Denise, Jim and family for choosing her and Michelle and Barry for fostering her.  Below is the first update of many her family sent us:

Hope you guys are looking forward to another great foster because you're not getting the old one back!

Attached is a photo of Lucy (ahem...we've renamed her Buffy. Lucy is too many friend's names and she seems to be making the transfer well. I feel half guilty, but and half happier with her new name :) with her new boyfriend. Or at least her tolerated companion. They had all day apart - with about a 5 hour span when Jim and I both had to be at work (probably the longest they'll have to go for the summer) and when reunited promptly ignored each other and had some kibbles. She wasn't much into eating yesterday, but after our wander tonight tucked in as soon as Shackelton hit his bowl. I guess he's the pack leader for today.

She's been amazing with Izzy so far, and we were all crashed out on the couch after school (dog stretched out about the same length as kid) and Izzy sighed and said "I think I'm falling in love already". Of course it's hard not to! She also doesn't get at all uptight about kid noise (thumping down stairs, loud exclamations, etc.) and spent the majority of the active people time this afternoon on the couch in the kitchen.

We'll have more pictures soon - just wanted to shoot you one while you're missing her.
All the best, and thank you from the whole family!


Wyatt was an abandoned stray in Northern BC who was getting beat-up by neighbourhood dogs.  When he made his way down to the Lower Mainland to Michelle and Barry's house, he was in pretty rough shape and covered in wounds.  As he began to regain his health, he also began to court Doreen and Neil who were falling for Wyatt despite his rough exterior.  We are so thrilled that Wyatt found a home to adore him while he healed and for years to come.  An update from when he first headed home:

Well Wyatt has settled well and taken over the cats bed now and loves his new bed. He is still very lazy in the mornings and eventually gets up after we have been up a  little while.
We have been leaving him out of his crate now when we go out and he is fine. He has spent about 5 hours on his own so we will gradually increase it to prepare him for when Neil goes back to the office.

5 pups from the Surrey 23

23 dogs and puppies seized from a house in Surrey after RCMP raided the home.  Hugabull stepped up and took the dogs in, with 5 pups eventually being transferred over to our care.

Bubba Shrimp now Kyuss was a H-E-F-T-Y male puppy who found a wonderful home in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  He gets to live with his Dad Tyler and a Bull mastiff sister whom he adores.  His Dad reports that Kyuss is a pro-sleeper, pro-chewer and even got to try going out on a boat this summer!

Koi, now Charlie, was the biggest of all the puppies, with a laid-back mastiff temperament.  Charlie now lives in North Vancouver with a man who recently lost his Pit Bull girl to cancer, and previously had a Pit x Mastiff boy who passed away at 14 years old.  Thank-you Jody for fostering him!

Anchovy, now Lewis, has found a wonderful home in Abbotsford with Tony and Melanie, who spent months looking to adopt the right dog. 
Here's a quick update on Lewis.

He's doing remarkably well.  He's calmed down quite a bit from when we first

brought him home and all indicators are that we have bonded with him.

We are still trying to organize some additional training for him but it's

been so busy for us lately, we haven't been able to nail down a time.

He has been doing really with other training and he's been learning some

tricks.  Lewis can shake a paw, he lets us throw treats to a distance and
waits for us to say it's ok to go get it.  He's doing really well with "Off"
and "Stay" and he patiently sits and waits for his food.  He's also really
learning to be "gentle" when play biting otherwise he hears us say ouch
pretty loudly. He is really starting to listen and obey quite well.  We are
learning lots as well.

We had him in for his shots a week ago he weighed in at 50lbs.  He also had

a grooming session and they said Lewis did very very well, he was only a
little nervous of the blow dryer!

He's met his other new buddy Rudy now. Rudy lives on my aunt and uncles farm

about 15 minutes from our house.  I've attached a couple of pictures.

Lewis is welcome there any time he wants to come for a good run and play

session with Rudy so we take Lewis there about three to four times a week
and he is loving every minute of it.  Rudy has let him know who's boss of
the place though and Lewis complies and they are having great fun.  He's
done incredibly well off leash on the farm and comes almost every time we
call.  He gets braver and braver every time he goes there and loves to
explore the fields.  He's been especially curious about the cows and sheep
in the other fields, but hasn't been able to get to them :)  That may be a
good thing for now.

Anyways, that's a quick update for you ~!  I trust all well!

Molly was the sickest of all the pups when she came into care.  With advanced generalized mange, kennel cough and a heart murmur, we were all pretty worried about her.  Thankfully an ultrasound revealed that her heart murmur was harmless and her mange continued to improve with care.  Thank-you so much to Adam and Cheryl for helping Molly regain her health!  She has now found an amazing family to call her own!   Frank, Lisa, their 17 year old daughter Eleni and resident cat were looking for the right match to join their family and Molly became the chosen lucky new addition!

Sweet Bella also had generalized mange, but not quite as bad as Molly's.  She was fostered by Kendra and Brian (thank-you!!!), before heading to her new home in the Fraser Valley.  Here is an early update from them:

Everything is going FABULOUSLY!! We are sooooooo completely in love with our little fur-face...getting furrier by the second, lol! She has been a complete angel...no accidents (knock on wood, lol), tons and tons of kisses, just a peach about her crate, she is just perfect!!!!! We went and bought her a big ol' wire crate that has tons of room for her now and will be plenty big when she gets bigger as well. We are using the smaller crate (the one she came with) as her downstairs bed...she likes to be able to take a time out there once in a while after playing :) And of course in the evenings she is all about snuggling with(on) Kris, lmao!

I have attached some pics of her that I have taken over the last few days :) Feel free to share them with anyone, post them on the sit/blog, whatever you like :)

Oh, and she starts puppy classes on Friday night :) I know she will just breeze through everything...she has already nearly mastered "sit" and has started working with me on "down"...she will have it in no time, lol!

Talk to you real soon!!!

Jeanette, Kris, Aiden, Carter and Bella :)



Agnes is one of those dogs you really have to meet in person in order to appreciate her fantastic personality and cute-as-can-be looks.  On Petfinder, she was continually looked over for more flashy dogs, until one day the most fabulous application came in for her from a wonderful North Vancouver couple.  Things were looking hopeful for Agnes, when all of the sudden she tweaked her back and ended up in major pain.  It turns out lil Agnes was covering up a decent case of spondylosis.  Luckily she responded well to meds and Virginia and Ross still wanted to meet her despite her newly uncovered health issue.  We were and still are so thrilled that Virginia and Ross chose Agnes and love the updates they continue to send us!  Agnes really and truly found the jackpot of all homes.   They have also discovered that Agnes loves to eat peas!


Koa charmed us so when we met her at Chilliwack Animal Control- we were just there to pull her elder friend Abe, but her sad eyes left us scrambling to find a suitable foster home.  Luckily former adopter Greg happened to email saying that he was interested in fostering a dog for the summer, and Koa got to rejoin home-life.  Her cute looks and winning personality garnered the interest of a couple searching to adopt their first dog as adults.  Congrats Jen and Mark on your new addition and thank-you to Greg for fostering her!

Abraham Simpson

Old man Abe was very sad to land himself at a shelter in his senior years, but he still oozed with personality despite his old man body.  He was fostered by Michelle and Barry before heading over to Gloria`s home.  Gloria was just supposed to be fostering him, but within a couple of days she admitted that he was likely home for good!  We couldn`t be more thrilled for Abe as he has doggie siblings to cuddle with and 10 acres to wander around on.  He also has a love for the pond, but due to his body being not as strong as his mind believes, he has had to be rescued from the pond a couple of times... so his Mom went out and bought Abe a life-jacket, enabling him to safely enjoy the pond!  We can`t wait to see a photo of Old Man Abe in his life-jacket! 


Zoe originally came into the Prince Rupert SPCA with a charming personality, but also with some complexing mammary gland issues.  They wanted to give time to see how her health cleared up, but didn`t want her stuck in a shelter in the in-term.  Luckily Jennifer, Andy and family stepped up to help Zoe out; with Steve and Jo-Anne also fostering her during an extended transport leg to get Zoe to Prince George (thank-you!!!).  We especially appreciated that Jennifer is a nurse who could keep an adept eye on Zoe`s health, plus she`d have a farm to play on and kids to adore her!  Well they say that with maturity comes wisdom, so Zoe did her best to woo the family into adopting her for good.  She loves the kids, respected the cats, adored their other dog Jack, and ignored the chickens and horses... the only thing she wasn`t so good about was staying within the fence-line, so her foster family turned adoptive family persevered and Zoe-proofed their fence.  Sadly the family`s other dog passed away shortly after deciding that Zoe was home for good, and Zoe did her best to help them through their grief over loosing Jack.  Thank-you again to Jennifer, Andy and family for recognizing Zoe for the gem that she is and providing Zoe with just the right home for her.